Our Philosophy

Clicker Training a Program that Works

Proper training for your pet is critical to their happiness and well-being, not to mention your own. Pets that are inadequately trained often face unnecessary discipline, which may lead to your pet developing serious behavior problems. Our staff has helped many pets and their families identify and resolve behavior challenges improving their relationships, providing a happier, healthier home.

It’s About Choices and good health

Our goal when working with your pet, is to teach them about choices. With clicker training, we will teach your pet to choose the actions and behaviors that will provide the highest reward, solidifying the behaviors in the long run. We will provide useful tools for you, the owner, to help solidify good choices into lifelong habits.  Prior to all training, our trainer will evaluate the health and well-being of your pets.  If you don’t feel good, it is hard to focus and learn new things.  The same thing goes for our pets.  Once we establish that your pets are healthy and ready to learn, the fun can begin.

The FurEver Family Good Life

You and your pet deserve a good life. Our trainer will come to your home and work with you and your pet one-on-one. Don’t let pet behavioral problems disrupt one more happy moment.  Let us help you improve your relationships with your pets starting on a path to a happier healthier home.