My dog is pretty old. Is the saying, ‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ really true? Can you train my elderly dog? 

Yes, we can train your senior! At FurEver Family, we adore older dogs! It is a wonderful opportunity to bring new life into your pup.  With clicker training you can engage their brain which will help them be happier and more active. Both you and your beloved older pet will love our simple 5 minute sessions.


Will you take my pet for a period of time and train it in-house?

FurEver Family, LLC does not have a facility of our own.  We focus on improving the relationship between you and your pets at home.   Your pet will be much more comfortable and able to learn at home in a familiar environment.  We have two options available:

  • Coaching – We can train in your home with you present.
  • Day Training – We will train your pet in your home while you are at work or away.  We will meet with you weekly to share your pets progress.
  • On occasion, we may go to an off-site location to help solidify certain behaviors.  Families may need to be present depending on skills being learned.


I have a cat.  I really doubt you can train it to do anything. Can you train my cat?

Any species can be trained to do almost anything with the right motivation.   Clicker training is a fun game for everyone, cats included.  We just need to figure out what will motivate your cat to interact with us.  After your sessions, you will likely be asking yourself, “What else can my cat do?”


OK, I can see training a cat, but what about my hamster, pig, or bird?

Yes! All animals will benefit from our clicker and positive-reinforcement program. Once we find out what helps your pet play the game, the possibilities are endless!  We can even train fish!!